An Introduction To Cocktail Dresses

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses are worn for formal as well as semi-formal occasions – they are essentially party attire cascading up to the knee and primarily meant to be worn for a cocktail event. They come in plenty of different styles, and are also available in various sleeve options.

First, let’s have a look at brief descriptions of the sleeve types:

  • Bell – Extends way down one’s arm and opens at the bottom into a big bell-like shape.
  • Cap – They are the typical sleeves that simply cover the shoulders while exposing the arm.
  • Gibson – Reach all the way to the bottom and can even be made to appear full, which is achieved by using a puff in the top part.
  • Bishop – Fits loosely down the entire arm and gathers at the wrist for allowing unrestricted motion.
  • Dolman – Tighten gradually while on their way down to the wrist for ensuring a snug fit, but stay full near the top.
  • Fitted – Fitted perfectly from the bottom to top with no open space.
  • Three-Quarter – Come down up to three quarters and end right under the elbow. Besides, they are usually quite tight.
  • Juliet – Fitted mostly down the arm, and consist of fabric puff at the shoulder portion.

Cocktail boutique dresses are sold by many reputed online as well as brick-and-mortar stores in London. So it would be easy for you to get one as per your requirements and specifications. But when you are planning to wear a cocktail dress to any event, make sure you bear in mind the tips mentioned below:

  • Unless you can wear nothing except flat shoes, always opt for high heels.
  • Do not wear a suit or skirt, unless the invitation you received clearly states semi-casual or casual.
  • Select the correct dress line. For casual event, you can wear something knee-length or slightly higher. On the other hand, anything that’s knee-length or lower is perfect for a semi-casual cocktail party.
  • Closed as well as open-toe shoes are acceptable for informal and formal events.
  • Never forget to wear hosiery. You can simply put on nude or black color hosiery for any occasion.

In case you wish to attend a wedding party wearing a cocktail dress, do not pick anything in white because that color is only for the bride. Black is another shade that you would want to avoid, because black is slightly sombre for a wedding, and the bride can be possibly wearing a black bridal gown.


One thought on “An Introduction To Cocktail Dresses

  1. Hi Sally. I would feel privileged to take a lady out wearing any of these exquisite dresses. Thank you for liking my poem “Pyjama Trends!”And your great comment. I wonder what other business owners think of people walking around their shops in their pyjamas? Peace and Best Wishes. TheFoureyedPoet.


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