Spring Fashion Trends For Every Women

Spring Fashion

Wondering what to wear in the upcoming spring season? If you are someone within your 40s and wish to make a style statement, make sure you do not opt for awkward fads that cause your looks to fade away behind the scenes. Remember, you cannot pick the same things as teens or young adults. The key is to tread softly and pick your choices wisely, with a sound knowledge of the evolving fashion. Here are some spring fashion trends that you can follow, according to many a women’s boutique store in London:

Blast From The Past

If you want to sport a retro look, go for antique & dusty shades, olden-day laces or pintucks. Other things from bygone days that are in high demand right now include bib fronts, puff sleeves and high necklines. However, don’t forget to combine them with some modernism – ankle boots, jeans, whatever takes your fancy.


In the realm of stripes, your best bet for this spring would be the deckchair ones. But bear in mind that you need to pick options which are broad and bold. Avoid combining striped tops and bottoms – you cannot do both because the amalgamation would look pathetic.


Since the sporty fashion fad of the 90s is very much underway, there are plenty of sports apparels that you can try on casually – joggers, tracksuits, vests and what not!. Slimline joggers are ideal for nearly every kind of figure. You can also consider investing in a couple of bomber jackets if you like.


Love wearing denims? Skinny jeans might be probably your first choice, since women have been crazy for it since times immemorial. But perhaps you can try on something different this time, maybe a looser and distressed shape. However, stay away from triple denim options.


On the frill-and-ruffle front, don’t go bonkers for the trend of ‘mega ruffles’. Instead, go for minimal ripple effects and make it look like a suggestion. Shirts with delicate ruffles can be great for you. Just make sure you do not accessorise heavily – just keep things as simple as possible.

So pick your poison and get ready to rock a trendy look this spring that makes a great fashion statement in addition to portraying your style preferences. In order to make the best choice, you can even consult with a women’s fashion expert. Whatever you do, don’t become overly enthusiastic for any fad.


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