Tips To Celebrate Your First Wedding Anniversary

wedding anniversery

The first wedding anniversary is definitely an exceptional one for you and your partner. Thus, celebrating the love and togetherness by planning something special is certainly a must. Stated below are the top ideas that you can follow to make your day a special and memorable one. Have a look at them –

1. Gifts Any ceremony is incomplete without presenting a special gift to your loved ones. Make sure your gift represents the essence of the celebration. For instance, you can choose a colourful photo frame with your wedding day picture in it, express your feelings by writing a small poem or a letter for him/her. You can even opt for personalised gift items. If your budget allows it, then you can opt for a diamond or gold jewellery also. However, it is not always necessary to buy expensive presents. A simple gift wrapped with love, affection and memories is more than enough to make your sweetheart happy.

2. Plan a short weekend trip Nothing can be more romantic than to arrange for a short weekend trip far away from the hustle and bustle of the city with your special one. In order to spend some private time with each other, you can opt for a farm house accommodation. These properties are generally situated in rural areas and are perfect for married couples!

3. Dress up in a unique way There might be dress of yours that your spouse is particularly fond of. If your husband wants you to put on a western outfit, then surprise him on the anniversary day by wearing an eye-catchy western wear. Make sure to dress up with proper style. Find a professional designer or any reputed women’s boutique store in London, whoever can help you to pick the right attire.

4. Go for a dateJust because you are married now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t go on a date with your spouse. Relive your old days by having dinner together in a restaurant. If you want the ambience to be more romantic, then ask the restaurant managers to decorate your booked table with some red ribbons, balloons, roses, glitters etc in advance. Don’t forget to place a special anniversary cake on the table as well.

First wedding anniversary is really a special day for every couple. Thus, do your best for enjoying yours to the fullest.


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